Option A
13 Flavors of coffee, team juice, sports drinks & more Single Serve - On Demand

Option B
Go Green With Bottless Water

Pure Water Delivery brings to you Environmentally Safe water in Number 1 grade plastic bottles. Quality and Service makes Pure Water Delivery Kansas City’s best on-site water delivery service.
  • Refreshing Pure Water PLUS 13 other hot of cold flavors to choose from.
  • New Technology eliminates and cross contamination by mixing your beverage in mid-air. Keeping each pour fresh and crisp.
  • Child protection for peace of mind
  • Strength selector for the perfect mix every time
  • Convenient storage area

Standard hot/cold
or jug coolers available.

Pure Water Delivery is now offering state-of-the-art water cooler WITHOUT BOTTLES that brings the technology of a bottling plant to your company’s premises.


Our bottle-less cooler looks and works like a traditional water cooler with one big difference — NO MORE BOTTLES! Yet you still get Pure Water Delivery’s outstanding service and attention from our family-owned and operated business.

Our Bottle-less cooler offers you QUALITY – CONVENIENCE – FLEXIBILITY- LOW COST

Choosing this new ‘Green’ Pure Water Delivery option gives our customers:

  • Endless supply of quality.
  • Low stable monthly cost regardless of water usage
  • Quarterly Billings
  • Hassle Free, Low Maintenance!
  • No Equipment to store
  • Point of use Filtration provides excellent qualityand taste.

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